Democracy: Piecemeal Social Engineering in Practice (or: ‘The Theory of Breatheable Air’)

By Tom Nairn.

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What counts in the breathing-chamber thesis is neither the myth-history of Occi-dentalism, nor reputed Western values of individualism and entrepreneurship.

Keywords: artificial supply system, democracy

The International Journal of the Humanities, Volume 3, Issue 11, pp.7-10. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.748MB).

Prof. Tom Nairn

Tom Nairn, Professor of Nationalism and Cultural Diversity, Globalism Research Institute, RMIT University, Melbourne. Originally a philosopher from the post-war Logic & Metaphysics school at Edinburgh University, he later studied in France and Italy, where he turned into a Social Scientist. ‘The Break-up of Britain’ appeared in 1977 (new edition, Common Ground, Melbourne, and ‘Big Thinking’, Glasgow, 2003). His study of the British Monarchy, ‘The Enchanted Glass’ was published in 1988, and he returned to teach the ‘Nationalism Studies’ course at Edinburgh University Graduate School from 1995 to 1999. After the publication of Faces of Nationalism (Verso, 1998), he went to Australia in 2001, first to Monash University, and then to RMIT, in 2002.


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